We have teamed up with ESCO to provide undercarriage wear solutions for hydraulic shovels and excavators frequently used in the mining industry, for shorter replacement times and less wear on this critical part used in heavy machinery transport.

We work closely with our customers, adapting to the various types and brands of equipment they use in their operations for better availability, reliability and operational safety.


  • Shrouds (plates)/track pads: State-of-the-art materials, cast components and design innovations prolong service life, thus lowering maintenance needs, material waste and total cost of ownership. Fully OEM-compatible designs significantly reduce structural wear and maintenance times. Shorter maintenance times mean less time spent servicing your equipment, which in turn minimizes safety risks.


  • Sliding plates and rollers:


  • Drive wheel/Pinions: Depending on the track platform, drive wheels are either designed with high-grade induction-hardened material or with quenched and tempered high-grade alloys for greater impact and wear resistance.


  • Load Rollers/Lower Rollers: Our rollers are covered in a single-sheet shroud which does away with unscheduled downtime caused by failures resulting from broken roller shrouds, while also cutting down on time need to replace parts.


  • Front sprocket assembly: Designed with improved bearings and bearing surfaces, our front sprocket assemblies are manufactured to withstand high impact loads.

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