Tests conducted showed a significant increase in processing: 46% more in secondary crushing MP1000-01, 50% more in MP1000-02, and 64% more in MP1000-03. These figures compare the best OEM campaign versus the performance of ME Elecmetal liners.

Our customer expressed the need to secure a secondary supplier for cone crusher liners to ensure sufficient stock availability for their maintenance plan.

Specifically, our customer required a solution for three cone crushers, with one configured as MP1250 and two as MP1000. These units occupy the secondary crushing position within their plant.

Currently, the customer relies on the OEM for their spare parts and liner supply.

Since the purpose of this test was to validate the new OEM design profiles and to classify ME Elecmetal as a liner supplier for the secondary crusher line, the focus of the solution was on identifying the optimal alloy according to the current mineral phase in operation.

Given the critical need to maintain sufficient stock for the maintenance plan of the secondary line, the following solution is proposed:

  1. Profiling and verification of OEM alloy
  2. Reverse engineering of the liners supplied by the OEM
  3. Supply of ME Elecmetal liners with a design that can be validated against those supplied by the OEM.

To establish the baseline of this project, it is agreed to conduct a physical survey of the components supplied by the OEM. This involves scanning the new parts to prepare manufacturing drawings and corresponding simulations for the proposal. Additionally, during the liner survey, the alloy of the parts is identified.

Based on the baseline information obtained, it is proposed to conduct a trial of ME Elecmetal liners, which includes supplying six sets of liners for the Secondary Crushing MP1000-01, Secondary Crushing MP1000-02, and Secondary Crushing MP1000-03 lines.

In the following graph, a comparison of the total effective campaign days is presented. It’s evident that in all cases, the ME Elecmetal liners surpass the maximum duration achieved by the OEM.

The following graph illustrates the minimum and maximum wear rates in millimeters per day. The results demonstrate that ME Elecmetal liners exhibit a lower average wear rate compared to the OEM.

Based on a general analysis of the results for each line, the following conclusions can be drawn:

1. ME Elecmetal liners fully adhere to the original manufacturer’s design, meeting all specifications without compromise.

2. The alloy provided by ME Elecmetal demonstrated superior performance across all three lines compared to the original manufacturer’s results during the analysis period. Operational days increased by 46% for the Secondary Crushing MP1000-01, 50% for Secondary Crushing MP1000-02, and 64% for Secondary Crushing MP1000-03 due to the decreased wear rate observed in all three lines.

3. No deviations, failures, or events that could affect people, the environment, and/or production were observed throughout the entire analysis period.

4. The ME Elecmetal supplies fully meet the requirements of the customer.


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