In today's world, sustainability is more important than ever before. It requires a collective effort from all of us.

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ME Elecmetal's Commitment to Sustainability

It is part of our history, and from the beginning, it has been part of the essence of our work. We strive to highlight this approach and to be recognized as a strategic partner that adds value to mining processes and other target markets.

To achieve this, we actively engage with our key stakeholders—employees, suppliers, partners, clients, communities, and shareholders—endeavoring to co-create and deliver holistic solutions that address the needs of the sectors we serve. We aim to minimize negative impacts, amplify positive ones, and consistently create value.

Built upon this foundation, our Sustainability Strategy rests on four pillars designed to proactively address environmental challenges across all our operational domains:




Our Values ​​are our hallmark, they guide our decision-making and the way we relate to each of our stakeholders. Respect for people´s dignity, the proactive search for excellence, responsibility and integrity are part of our essence and are translated into a work style with high levels of loyalty and commitment. We promote long-term relationships that create value and give meaning to our work. We strictly adhere to current regulations and maintain transparency through regular performance reporting, instilling confidence in our actions.

At ME Elecmetal, we design our Sustainability Strategy by being proactive stewards in fostering a long-term and harmonious rapport with our environment. We strive to innovate and generate new ideas to deliver high-quality services that meet the global requirements of the industry.

Our People

Our concern for the well-being of our team is inspired by our own history and the ME Elecmetal Signature. Respect for human dignity is the cornerstone of our values, driving our endeavors and ensuring a harmonious balance between outcomes and methods. It fosters holistic human development, and prioritizes customer focus, responsibility, sustainability, and a proactive search for excellence. We cultivate long-term trustworthy relationships with each of our collaborators, instilling pride in their association with ME Elecmetal. Committed to a safe workplace, we champion diversity and empower the showcasing and advancement of talents.

The Environment

The environmental protection is an urgent global challenge that we address in each of our operations and solutions delivered to our clients, which is why we are committed to being an active agent to promote GHG reduction and the development of more circularity in the industry by innovating and designing better alternatives and providing information about our environmental performance to the market. Some relevant initiatives implemented that aim to reduce GHG emissions and the Circular Economy are: measuring production processes emissions and their subsequent management, maximizing steel management, and separating rubber and steel from linings. They are all key aspects in reducing emissions per T of  final outcome.

Value Creation Connections

We are working to make mining sustainable by creating value throughout our chain as one of our purposes, and  innovation and collaboration are the essential principles to achieve this, along with our main stakeholders: suppliers, partners, clients and communities. Thus, we seek to actively integrate, by mobilizing sustainability from the origin of the industrial process to the end customer, in our surroundings and each region where we operate. Along with our suppliers and partners, we  want to develop programs that enhance their capabilities;  with Clients, we want to listen to their needs and offer the best alternatives, enhancing our role as a strategic ally to meet their own goals. Regarding Communities, we seek to recognize each other, collaborating with their organizations, addressing their needs and mitigating the effects of our operations, while enhancing the benefits of our mutual vicinity.


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