Corporate Culture’s Role in the Creation of Innovative Solutions

Offering comprehensive solutions to clients goes beyond providing defined services. It involves a consultative mindset to understand the client’s needs and explore options that address these needs.


This is a value proposition that needs to be integrated into the culture of a company’s workforce. This mindset is encouraged at ME Elecmetal on a global level.


Clients are seeking innovative solutions through a portfolio of services from their suppliers. However, client challenges fluctuate and evolve in day-to-day operations. Furthermore, these challenges are often linked to changes in regulations in each country.


In addition to having an extensive portfolio of services associated with various mining processes such as crushing and grinding, ME Elecmetal has a team of collaborators capable of jointly identifying challenges with the client to develop shared solutions.


To achieve this consultative approach to sales, the team has established continuous learning in mining-related topics as a fundamental component of the sales process. This enables a closer commitment to the needs of our customers and drives the creation of innovative solutions.


Beyond understanding the client’s needs, this mindset or culture requires active participation from ME Elecmetal employees, empowering them to contribute to the creation of new and innovative solutions.


To achieve this, various tools have been made available within the South American operation that enable team participation in scenarios that foster collective spaces.

“The Management Committee believes in the value that participatory processes hold. In fact, respect and dignity are part of our  ME Elecmetal signature, and people are at the heart of our sustainability strategy,” explains José Pablo Domínguez, Manager of ME Elecmetal South America.


He adds, “We are constantly providing tools to individuals, understanding that each collaborator’s contribution is valuable, and furthermore, each person contributes from their own workplace and uniqueness… The key is that we have managed to connect with people, and at the same time, they feel important.”

As an example, working with one of our customers, we identified the need for bolts with greater durability. After exploring various alternatives, ME Elecmetal ultimately provided a solution to the client. In doing so, ME Elecmetal also opened up a new line of business.



Just like this example, there are other products and services that are tested and eventually become comprehensive solutions offered by ME Elecmetal — and potential new business ventures.


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