ME Elecmetal: Cultivating a People-Centric Culture – Insights from Mary Steffen’s 45-Year Tenure

The vast experience and perspectives of Mary Steffen, a pivotal figure in the development of ME Global since 1979, underscore the importance of fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment where all employees, regardless of gender, feel respected and valued. After 45 years of dedicated service, Mary is leaving the company but will remain involved, highlighting ME Elecmetal’s commitment to diversity and core values of human development, customer focus, accountability, sustainability, and the proactive pursuit of collective excellence in a traditionally male-dominated industry worldwide.

At ME Elecmetal, the cornerstone of success lies in its organizational culture, which places utmost importance on respect for people and celebrating their unique contributions as a core value. Mary Steffen’s farewell testimony underscores the company’s dedication to providing support and growth opportunities to all employees, ensuring a fulfilling work experience. “I was afforded many opportunities for continuous growth through in-house mentorship, management support, and continuing education/training. I’ve been fortunate to work with individuals who have been invested in my development and well-being,’ she details.”

By ensuring respect, inclusion, diversity, and talent development, ME Elecmetal aims to create an environment where every person feels proud to belong. This fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, ultimately driving the company’s success and sustainability. As Mary Steffen reflects, “Throughout the decades of evolution, it is the foundation of our company that has never changed.”

ME Elecmetal has focused on enhancing its core values, which emphasize respect for people and the promotion of diversity. Mary Steffen’s experience highlights the company’s commitment to supporting the personal and professional growth of all individuals. Mary reflects on the importance of fostering a workplace culture that values and respects everyone. This internal endorsement underscores the corporate dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion, ultimately contributing to its ongoing success and longevity, driven by collaboration and innovation. “Starting its legacy in 1917, ME has seen countless changes in technology, market influences, economic factors and it is with great success, and with this core identity, that ME has celebrated 100+ years of operations” Mary points out.

“ME has maintained its core identity over the years with continued success through employee talent, innovative improvements, customer consideration, and most importantly, pride in our products. This core identity has allowed ME to shine through every stage and I believe it will be a vital asset as the company continues its ventures into the future.”

ME Elecmetal’s commitment to inclusion and diversity in a male-dominated industry has yielded tangible results by fostering a culture of respect, collaboration, and innovation. Mary’s successful career exemplifies the positive impact of this approach and highlights the tremendous opportunity to continue growing the female presence across all areas of operation.

At ME Elecmetal, everyone, regardless of their level, actively participates in this approach, reflecting the company’s commitment to creating an inclusive and stimulating work environment for all. In 2024, this commitment has been prioritized through the development of a specific global initiative: Attracting More Female Talent in Every Operation. This initiative not only enhances our organizational culture but also allows our customers to experience the positive impacts of diversity firsthand.

ME Elecmetal’s leadership, management, and Board of Directors play crucial roles in shaping and maintaining the company’s values and culture. In addition, external diversity and inclusion experts provide support by developing diagnostics and offering ideas and guidance to further enhance ME Elecmetal’s initiatives.

“Upon my retirement, I’d like my legacy to be about the relationships I have made and the friendships that I have formed. I’ve been fortunate to accumulate 45-years’ worth of memories which I will cherish, and the majority are because of my colleagues. I leave the company knowing I have done the absolute best through my passion, dedication, and commitment. I am retiring with pride and honor, having worked for a company wherein its management and Board of Directors respect and value its employees, allowing us to be our very best.”


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