Grinding Ball Balancer (coming soon)

This system combines image capturing and processing technology (ball scrap and ball charge) with an on-line digital platform for real-time estimates of the mass balance of balls in SAG mills (or Digital Twin).

The solution consists of an artificial vision system based on three embedded image processing systems.


  • Image Capturing Hardware

Comprised of LIDAR depth cameras plus a 4k visible spectrum camera used to capture physical characteristics relevant for controlling both the ball mill feed inlet and ball scrap discharge at the SAG mill discharge.


  • Data Transmission and Processing

Images are sent through a Wireless/lan link to a local processor for image processing and subsequent display on a DCS and/or Web platform.


  • Advanced Analytics

The mass balance model is fed by information generated in the ball loading and scrap modules to calculate mass balance using the following formula: cumulative mass (Jb) = feed mass – discharge mass – spent ball mass.


  •  Provides control measure to ensure optimal ball balance (jb) in SAG mill operations.


  • Issues warnings for possible signs of grate clogging by characterizing ball scrap morphology.


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