Asset monitoring

Area specialized in the analysis and monitoring of mining assets such as crushing, milling and mining equipment. This with the purpose of establishing or projecting the useful life of the assets and anticipate changes in equipment or components.


  • Wear and tear monitoring of elements in mine, crushing and milling areas.


  • Monitoring of mechanical and structural integrity of equipment and infrastructure.


  • Life cycle monitoring of components and consumables.


Mechanical systems monitoring

IoT monitoring: Online monitoring with specialized sensors and wireless network for remote monitoring.


  • SMTP: Bolt tension monitoring system, measuring tension in real time during the campaign for auditing the sizing process, and future retorquing recommendations.
  • UTW: Wireless ultrasound-based wear monitoring system for equipment and structures with difficult and insecure access.


Structural Engineering: Monitoring and analysis of mining equipment to monitor the condition of its structure and determine the wear they may have, in order to anticipate a possible unscheduled shutdown. Applicable to a wide range of mine and plant equipment.


QSG – QuickScan™ Grinding

Mill scanning without chute removal and without the need for personnel entry. Fast, safe and reliable.

  • Safer.
  • Faster: only 15 min. detention time.
  • Fast analysis in 2 hr. Complete reporting according to Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Minimal use of resources (crane, personnel, blocking).


QSC – QuickScan™ Crusher
  • Remote scanning without bowl cleaning or personnel entry by robotic arm, safe, fast and reliable.
  • Safer.
  • Quick assembly: (15 min) without interruption of operation.
  • Remotely controlled.
  • Better scanning coverage (vs. platform scanning).
  • No bowl cleaning required.
  • Total stopping time ~25 min.

Wear monitoring

  • Dimensional engineering: Structural and mechanical integrity assurance is achieved using a series of technological tools to survey, analyze and control their condition. Specialized sensors, engineering simulations and monitoring plans combine to analyze mechanical interactions and facilitate the control of catastrophic failures.


  • ME Tracking: It is designed to provide online information on the supply chain and the quality associated with these products. This tool and its implementation is included in ME Elecmetal’s supply of grinding media at no extra charge.


Plant modeling (as-built)

3D modeling through laser surveying, which allows to evaluate the complete condition of the plant to analyze possible interferences and with the objective of facilitating the planning of maintenance activities and conditioning of equipment and infrastructure.



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