Reinforcing occupational health and safety practices is a top priority within ME Elecmetal’s core values.
Our leadership team is committed to the ambitious objective of cultivating a culture of zero harm across all our activities.

To achieve this, we have identified two fundamental priorities:

  1. Enhancing the leadership’s role.
  2. Reinforcing discipline in our operations.

Our primary focus is on collaborating closely with our leaders through the implementation of a comprehensive leadership program. This program is designed to diminish exposure to hazardous situations and conditions while fostering a stronger safety culture within our organization.

Launched in 2022, this program aims to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Enhancing safety communication between leaders and workers.
  2. Conducting work sessions with teams to reinforce safe behaviors and work standards.
  3. Performing physical risk inspections and providing coaching.

It’s important to note that this program complements the behavior-based safety program that has been in place for the past five years.

As part of our continuous commitment to improvement, we are actively working to strengthen our zero-harm culture. In 2024, we have planned a Safety Culture Measurement initiative to further assess and enhance our safety practices.

Our focus is on working with leaders, through the implementation of a leadership program that seeks to reduce exposure to hazardous situations and conditions, and to improve our culture of safety.

This program seeks to reinforce team bonding to establish safe behaviors and conditions. The program started in 2022 with three goals:

  1. Safety communication between leaders and workers
  2. Work sessions with teams to reinforce behaviors and work standards
  3. Physical risk inspections
  4. Coaching

This program is in addition to the behavior-based safety program implemented for the past five years.

Like everything else, we strive to improve our zero-harm culture. In 2024, a Safety Culture Measurement will be conducted.

ME Elecmetal remains steadfast in reinforcing a safety culture mindset, leading to a significant reduction in accidents and occupational incidents.

Proposed Solution

“Our work pillars are interdependent, yet in the past six months, we’ve placed increased emphasis on supervisors to strengthen our focused leadership


Since 2015, we’ve witnessed a significant cultural transformation. Individuals in leadership positions have assumed a proactive role in safety, demonstrating ownership of issues and actively resolving challenges they encounter.”


Daniel Miranda, Head of Occupational Health and Safety at ME Elecmetal.

With the introduction of this safety model, ME Elecmetal is committed to progressing towards a Zero-Harm Culture across all aspects of the company’s operations. This journey is guided by three key indicators:

  1. Accidents: Our aim is to minimize the exposure of ME Elecmetal workers to accidents.
  2. Occupational Hazards: We are dedicated to eliminating occupational hazards to ensure a safer workplace.
  3. Zero-Harm Culture: Our ultimate goal is to foster and advance an internal safety culture that prioritizes the well-being of our employees.

ME Elecmetal mandates that all contractors operating at our global sites collaborate with us systematically to enhance safety measures.


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