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Through our asset monitoring, process monitoring and on-site support and assistance solutions, coupled with our vast experience in mining processes, we ensure better performance in these four main areas:

Increased asset availability and reliability

We ensure real-time symptomatic analysis of assets, anticipating possible wear and tear, assessing mechanical and structural integrity, and the life cycle of components and consumables.

Supply chain visibility

We empower our customers with information relevant to them regarding their critical spare parts supply chain, showing in real time the status of their inventories to ensure reliability of your operation.

Process stability

Monitoring of process variables in Mine, Crushing and Grinding, generating analysis and performance predictions of each process to achieve consistent performance and reliability of assets and processes, for the implementation of best practices.

Cost-effective reduction

We focus on optimizing the effective operational cost of our clients, optimizing their processes so that they can achieve greater rentability.



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Case studies

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Installing a bolt tension monitoring system in SAG mills
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