How can we help?

ME Digital Lab technologies allow us to create and deliver effective total-cost-of-ownership solutions to our customers.

We understand what the industry needs

Digitally capturing and analyzing operational data, combined with information collected through other tools, allows us to generate “insights” to guide the creation of specific solutions to address specific challenges.

The perfect solution

Agile and collaborative methods lead us to the right solutions. Our team of specialists in technology and mining processes provide the best technologies to bridge gaps.


We are always researching and implementing emerging technologies. We partner with experts in niche technologies to streamline the development of ultra-competitive products.

Implementation and Support

We roll out digital solutions for mining that are backed by ongoing support from our customers. ME Elecmetal been an industry leader in mineral processing and industrial solutions for over 100 years.

Our solutions


Grinding ball balancer (coming soon)


ME Uptime 4.0


Operational Digital Twin


Área de ME Digital Lab es abordada en nota de Portal Minería Chilena
El portal especializado publicó una nota sobre la creación del Área ME Digital Lab ¡link al artículo aquí! 更多 >
ME Elecmetal está presente en APC Perú 2021
ME Digital expone en el congreso APC 2021. Tema: Modelación híbrida en gemelos digitales para molinos SAG 更多 >

Our Partners

ME Elecmetal is involved in numerous technological arenas for solution design.




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